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Day in the Life of SOS El Arca Animal Rescue: A Symphony of Compassion and Dedication

SOS El Arca

In the bustling coastal town of Playa del Carmen, where sun-kissed beaches attract tourists, in contrast to this, there is a dedicated team at SOS El Arca Animal Rescue that meets each day with a singular mission: “To bring hope, healing, and a second chance at life to the stray, hurt, hungry abused, animals of the community.”
We depend on your donations more than you can imagine.
How many ways can I ask that you please give to use generously, often, regularly?
Sometimes, I feel as if I am too repetitive. It is because the need is constant and ever-growing.

If only you could join me for one day one week and see what we see every day, every year. That said, we have made a great impact since 2011 thanks to your tremendous assistance.
As you read this blog, imagine yourself stepping into the shoes of passionate individuals who tirelessly work to make a difference in the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves.
The Macro View: SOS El Arca Animal Rescue was founded in 2011, fueled by a deep commitment to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome stray animals in need.
The organization’s overarching goals are to:
1. Rescue animals from perilous situations, provide essential medical care,
2. Spay/neuter to control the stray population,
3. Conduct monthly free spay/neuter campaigns in impoverished areas. The continuous growth in the stray animal population necessitates ongoing efforts to alleviate their suffering and reduce their numbers. Your regular and generous donations play a pivotal role in sustaining these critical initiatives.

At SOS El Arca, the daily rhythm revolves around providing a safe haven for approximately 200 dogs and 60 cats.
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The shelter operates as a 100% NO KILL facility, emphasizing the importance of love, care, and medical attention for every resident, every single day.
The seven dedicated workers, along with the president and vice president, ensure the animals receive food, water, shelter, medical care, and the affection they need to thrive.

Microscopic View: A Day in the Life
7 am: The day kicks off as the first worker arrives to open the shelter. Morning preparations commence, setting the stage for a day filled with compassion and hard work.
8 am: The second worker arrives and begins cleaning the kennels, where dogs live in divided rooms, each equipped with indoor, covered terrace, and outdoor areas. Regular cleaning and meticulous care ensure the well-being of the shelter residents.
9 am: Veterinarian Dalila arrives to provide feeding and administer medication to animals in the hospital, addressing injuries from accidents, abuse, and neglect. This is the frontline work of love, the essence of SOS El Arca’s mission.

Vet 2 Rodrigo joins to offer low-cost veterinary services to the community, supporting families who cannot afford expensive care for their ailing pets. Your support enables this crucial service to continue.
10 am: Quarantine cleaning begins, a time-consuming yet essential task to prevent the spread of disease at the shelter. This area houses new and sick animals until they are cleared for integration into the larger shelter.
The laundry, a constant and vital task, involves cleaning, drying, and folding sheets and towels to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.
11 am: Animals in critical condition are transferred offsite for specialized surgeries and accurate diagnoses. The organization relies on the van for transportation, and your support for gas money is always appreciated.
Before Lunch: All these activities unfold before the short lunch break at 2 pm, emphasizing the relentless pace of the shelter’s operations.
After lunch, dogs are returned to their clean rooms, walked by volunteers, and provided with ongoing care, including feeding, vet services, and, of course, love.
Lest we forget the cats.
The cattery cares for around 60 cats, requiring cleaning, feeding, playing, and medical attention.
Beyond the Shelter: The work doesn’t stop within the shelter’s walls.
We work very hard to make sure the animals who can be adopted are adopted. That means regular trips to the airport for international adoptions, answering emails, engaging with sponsors, and fundraising efforts add layers to the already busy day.
As you reflect on the intricacies of a day in the life of SOS El Arca Animal Rescue, the dedication, compassion, and tireless efforts of the team become evident.
The animals they care for, the lives they save, and the impact they make on the community highlight the critical role this organization plays.
Your donations are not just appreciated; they are essential to sustaining this lifeline of hope for animals in need.
Please consider giving generously, as your support directly contributes to the ongoing success of SOS El Arca Animal Rescue and the countless lives they touch every day.

Thank you for reading.